About Our Company

We are an EMS software company that specializes in custom EMS Protocols. Our protocols are customized to your department protocol and are interactive. Responsoft has a solid commitment to the Emergency Services field. Responsoft was designed by Firefighter / Paramedics and is staffed by active Firefighter / Paramedics. Collectively, we have over 60 years experience providing EMS in the streets. 


Responsoft EMS Protocol 

Our Protocols are designed to be viewed on PC's, laptops, tablets as well as on paper. What separates our protocols from others is the inclusion of valuable tools at your disposal such as:

-Easy Navigation

-Drug Calculators

-Glasgow Coma Score Calculator

-APGAR Score Calculator

-Lund Browder Body Surface Burn Calculator 

-Fillable Checklists such as Stroke Score Checklists and Thrombolytic Screening Checklists

-On Screen fillable procedure pages for annual competencies